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Home security these days is more important than ever. Although burglars have been around since man first started claiming spaces, home invasions and burglaries have become a potential threat to people in communities across the country. In fact, many homeowners find that even the most detailed security plans fail to stop or deter thieves without the addition of security cameras and additional monitoring equipment.

Even if you live in what is considered a “safe” neighborhood, the truth is that your home is at risk. In fact, criminals often target such neighborhoods because homeowners tend to have a false sense of security. These homeowners believe that living in a safer area means they don’t need to have a security system, and that’s exactly why burglars target such neighborhoods.

Also, because safer neighborhoods tend to attract more affluent homeowners, they are prime territory for thieves. Why bother breaking into a home in a part of town that is known for impoverished conditions when you can go to a nicer part of town and steal all kinds of valuables that can be pawned or resold? While criminals don’t have the reputation of being intelligent, they are often very cunning and most plan out their acts well in advance.

Top 5 Featured National Security Systems

Protect America Security
Protect America Security Fox Review Alarm Systems, Home Automation, Smoke Detection, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Medical Alerts, Driveway Sensors, GPS trackers Starts at $19.99/month
Frontpoint Security
Frontpoint Security Fox Review Home Security Systems, Alarm Controls and Sensors, Cameras, Home Automation Protection plan starts at $34.99/month
ADT Home Security Systems
ADT Security Fox Review Security System, Security Monitoring Traditional Security package starts at $28.99/month
LiveWatch Security
LiveWatch Security Fox Review Wireless Security System, Smartphone control, Home Monitoring, Alarms Monitoring services start at $29.95/month
Vivint Security
Vivint Security Fox Review Home Security, 24×7 monitoring, Alarm Systems, Smoke Detection, Motion Detection Smart Protect Plan starts at $53.99/month

Why You Should Consider a Home Security System

Although you may lose your possessions as the result of a break in, many homeowners find that they also lose peace of mind. After your home has been burglarized, you may begin to experience paranoia. At night, or even during the day, every little noise may lead to you worrying that someone is trying to break in or that the original burglars have returned. This can lead to severe anxiety and depression, ultimately affecting your quality of life.

Many people who have been the victims of burglary have found that they have a harder time falling and staying asleep, thereby affecting their performance at work. This can then go on to lead to problems in relationships, self-esteem and more. The hidden costs of becoming a victim aren’t always apparent at first, but over time, they almost always manifest.

If you have a family, these problems can become even worse. Young children often do not understand what has happened after a burglary, and they may be extra-sensitive. Some may go on to develop social disorders as the result of a crime and these disorders can last for years or longer. Some young children also become incredibly fearful of others or distrustful, and this can inhibit the ability to acquire and maintain friendships or relationships later in life.

Having a home security system is not the ultimate solution to stopping all break-ins, but these systems do act as deterrents, and often, they can assist in bringing the perpetrator or perpetrators to justice. This in and of itself can help to restore peace of mind for you and your family.

Choosing the Best Home Security System or Solution

If you’re concerned about the security of your property, you’ve likely looked into partnering with a service provider, but with so many choices out there, it can seem overwhelming. Some home security systems offer more options than others, while some require long-term contracts in exchange for discounts on equipment and installation…at the end of the day, which one do you choose?

In addition, advances in technology have made it possible to install your own home security system. Do-it-yourself options work for some homeowners and businesses, but for others, it’s best left to the professionals. A DIY security system offers the advantages of being customizable and often portable, and in most cases, there is no long-term contract involved.

However, DIY systems also come with some disadvantages. Because you have to install and set up the system yourself, it’s possible that mistakes can be made, especially if you have no training in security technology. Also, slight missteps could mean that, while you think your system is operating efficiently, it could be missing key areas of your home or business that are prime entry or exit points for thieves.

Because of the many facets involved in choosing a security system, SecurityFox.com has compiled a list of various options to help you make the choice that’s right for your specific needs.

Top Home Security System Providers

Below is a list of some of the most trusted brands in home security. These providers offer varying options when it comes to contracts, installation costs and equipment charges. Likewise, they also differ in monitoring costs, but all are time-tested names in home security. You can read a more in-depth review of each service provider by clicking here.


ADT Home SecurityADT got its start as a telegraph service in 1874. Originally known as American District Telegraph Company, ADT put to use the technology of call switches, ultimately leading to its foray into security systems. Today, ADT is one of the most popular and respected providers of home and business security solutions.

ADT is one of the most trusted brands in home security and it has one of the largest reaches. In terms of technology, ADT is on top of the game with its interactive Pulse system. View home security cameras remotely, connect with loved ones live and receive notifications in the event of an emergency, all with ADT’s Pulse network.

Aside from ADT’s security services, including home security alarm and hardwired smoke detection, the company also provides a range of home automation services that allow homeowners to remotely control various systems, including door locks and garage doors. Learn more about ADT by clicking here.


Frontpoint Home Security SystemsFrontpoint is a provider of various home security solutions, including alarms, smoke detectors and even heat detectors. The company also offers advanced technologies, such as touchscreen panels, to allow customers the ability to quickly access and activate various components of their plan’s system. In addition, Frontpoint ties in security cameras, glass-break sensors, flood detection sensors and motion sensors.

Frontpoint was founded in 2007, but in its relatively short timeline, it has been able to offer home security services that easily compare to the big boys. Frontpoint’s focus is on offering innovative technology instead of scare tactics in order to make a sale. Today, Frontpoint provides live monitoring of home security systems, the ability to control various home systems and streaming video of cameras from remote digital devices.

To add to Frontpoint’s offerings, customers can access systems remotely using a smartphone, other digital device or a keychain controller. To learn more about Frontpoint Security, click here.


Vivint SecurityVivint is a home security provider that is focused on technology in a major way. The company not only provides home security solutions, but it also handles home automation, solar development and wireless compatibility. Customers of Vivint are able to take advantage of the “smart home” concept where many connected devices can be controlled using a tablet, a PC or a smart phone.

This is ideal for customers who are on-the-go, but it’s also advantageous for customers who are interested in detangling their lives. Many modern security systems require intensive installations, but with Vivint, everything is fairly quick and efficient. To learn more about Vivint, click here.

Protect America

protect-americaIf you have an existing hardwired home security system, or if you’re moving into a home with an existing hardwired system, Protect America may be the choice for you. This is because the company provides support for a range of pre-installed systems, making it easy to switch providers or activate new service.

On top of offering home alarm systems, disaster detection systems and life safety systems, Protect America also provides protection for automotive needs. This means that you can gain access to a GPS vehicle tracker and a driveway sensor when you partner with Protect America. To learn more about Protect America, click here.

Protection 1 Home Security

Protection 1 offers home security monitoring services to over two million customers and provides for remote access to live home security video via smart devices. In addition, customers rely on Protection 1 for both residential and business security as well as energy and home automation solutions.

SimpliSafe Home Security

SimpliSafe requires no annual contracts and does not require a landline for service, making it an attractive solution for homeowners in search of home security. With SimpliSafe, homeowners can choose whether to invest in professional monitoring or monitor the system themselves, mixing the best of both the traditional home security world with the best of the DIY home security world.

Lorex Home Security Products

Lorex is owned by FLIR and is a leader in home security camera technology. Although Lorex is not a direct provider of home security monitoring services, the company does offer a wide range of security cameras, monitoring equipment and accessories. In addition, Lorex designs and sells home security packages based on the individual needs of customers.

Home Security Companies by State

You can view all local home security companies by clicking on your state below. You will also see if there are national home security companies that install home security systems in your area on those pages.

DIY Home Security Systems

In the past, gaining access to a professional security system often meant working with a largescale provider that would need to send a technician out for installation. Thanks to advances in technology, many homeowners can now receive top-notch monitoring and incident response times from trusted companies while having the ability to install systems themselves.

There are a number of advantages to using a do-it-yourself home security system, including the ability to install, move and add sensors when and where you’d like. In a hardwired security system, the installation process may require knocking out sections of your home’s walls, ceiling or flooring. Most DIY systems these days are wireless and sensors can be configured and reconfigured how you would like.

However, as mentioned above, DIY home security is not always the best option. If you’re unsure about home security technology or inexperienced in home security installation, these systems may do more harm than good. When considering a DIY home security system, it would be a good idea to do as much research as possible before deciding on an option, and this is where SecurityFox.com comes in.

We provide in-depth reviews for both brand-name home security and DIY solutions so that you can make an informed decision about the safety of your home and loved ones.

Below are a few of the most trusted and popular providers of DIY home security systems. To learn more about each company, click here.


nest-securityTaking advantage of modern home automation and security technology, Nest provides customers with a range of products and services that can be easily installed. One of the advantages to Nest is that you can receive a live feed of your home security cameras on your smartphone or other Internet-connected device. To make it easier to view your home’s security live, Nest utilizes motion detection technology to alert customers if an intrusion has taken place.

Nest is a home security provider that not only offers HD cameras and instant notifications to homeowners, but it also provides home automation products that include a smart smoke and fire detector as well as a smart thermostat that learns your habits and preferences. Each unit is a masterpiece of technology and can be used to detect problems before they get out of control.

The company also offers home automation solutions, including a thermostat control that learns your preferences. Nest boasts its ability to distinguish between actual threats and things like a pet walking across the room as well. This is done using advanced algorithms that are sensitive to light, shadows and depth perception. To receive a more in-depth review of Nest, click here.


canary-securityIf you choose Canary as your home security system, you receive the ability to monitor both audio and video on your Internet-connected device, along with the ability to control a 90-decibel in-home siren, and this siren will also automatically go off if an intrusion occurs.

Canary delivers superior image quality, even at night, through its HD home security cameras. Each unit also boasts the ability to provide air quality information and cloud storage of footage that can extend for up to 30 days. Canary customers can also potentially qualify for a discount on their insurance policies just by purchasing and installing the device.

In terms of camera footage, Canary offers cloud storage of data, and it can monitor things like in-home air quality, temperature and other important home health information. Customers can quickly get the system installed, and apps are available for both Android and iOS devices. To read a comprehensive review of Canary, click here.


Piper Home SecurityPiper provides home security monitoring across the United States through the use of state-of-the-art cameras that feature home, away and vacation modes. Included in each camera is a 105-decibel siren that is designed to deter intruders, but each camera also features motion and sound detection. If an intrusion is detected, the customer is notified.

Piper home security solutions include the ability to view live video streams from security cameras placed around the home. Truly a wireless DIY solution, Piper units are compact, can offer HD-quality night vision capabilities and are portable. Forget hardwired home security systems that cost a fortune to relocate and check out Piper today.

One difference with Piper is that the system automatically notifies the customer once everyone has left the home. This provides the advantage of being able to arm the system remotely without having to worry if the kids or a spouse armed the system. To see more benefits and information regarding Piper, click here.

Is There a Difference in Urban vs. Rural Home Security?

vsHome security is a concern for all homeowners in the United States, but is there a difference in how crime affects rural and urban homeowners? The truth may surprise you!

For many people, the thought of rural living means quiet, small towns, friendly neighbors who watch out for each other and less crime. On the other hand, many people believe that living in an urban environment means more crime and more dangerous criminals lurking about.

While these stereotypes may have a bit of truth to them, they aren’t completely correct. In fact, where each falls is often based on geographic location and criminal trends. For example, Huntsville, Alabama, and surrounding towns, may seem fairly rural, but these areas have experienced a major rise in meth usage over the past decade. Unfortunately, this means more break-ins where addicts are attempting to steal in order to fuel their habits.

On the other hand, a city like New York used to have a huge problem with crime, including burglaries, until the ‘90s when Mayor Rudy Giuliani stepped up efforts to clean up the city. As a result, crime statistics dropped dramatically even though New York City is home to millions of people.

In the end, crime is everywhere, so whether you reside in a rural community, an urban community or in the suburbs, there is a possibility that you may be the victim of a burglary. As such, there’s never a wrong time to invest in a home security system. Whether you choose to go with a DIY system or a company installation, it’s always best to be prepared to protect the property you’ve worked so hard for and the ones you love.

For more detailed information on local home security companies vs. some of the national providers, view our full review.

Why is Home Security Important?

Home security is more important than ever, and with today’s systems and providers, there’s no reason not to ensure that you loved ones and home have the protection they deserve. At Security Fox, we provide real reviews based on research and customer feedback for both traditional home security services and DIY options. We want to help our visitors make informed decisions regarding home security in terms of functionality, cost and need.

Security systems are very much crucial for homes and offices. It provides protection as well as safety in your house. There are various kinds of home security systems. They just about all differ within technologies.

All of your family members may feel at ease understanding when the house is actually guarded through extra protection.
Security alarm techniques possess confirmed that they’re efficient like a discouraging factor in order to burglars who wish to get into your house. Improvement of technology is increasing day by day. So, more home security systems can sparkle using their revolutionary style. Some important home security systems are as follows:

Home Security Tips and Questions to Ask

Home is the first and foremost dwelling place for human being. So home security is a must. Occasionally the top home security is executed when you will make an authentic decision and do it yourself home security plan.
We know about various types of home security systems such as Alarm Force, Alarm Zone, Monitronics, Life Shield Security, Protection 1, ADT, Pinnacle, Front Point etc. Besides here are some security tips to consider which will certainly dissuade or flat out prevent a probable burglar from entering your residence. It’s not a good just about all comprehensive lists but one that if followed will definitely go a lengthy way toward creating your house safer.

  • Have a crucial take a look at your home in the outdoors. Is the home nicely lighted? Are the veiling spaces close to doors and windows? Keep in mind that light is really a burglars’ enemy-darkness a friend.
  • Exactly what might decelerate the thief through getting into your house? Easy home security products such as hair upon doors (deadbolts tend to be greatest) as well as home windows, pubs, grates-items which are noticeable in the outside of the home. It takes extra time to smash into a house, the more disheartened a thief will become. Time is the opponent of the thief.
  • Exactly how noisy are you able to allow if somebody gains entrance? Sound can also be the actual foe of the thief. There are lots of security alarm sensors triggered through doorways or even home windows starting or even through movement. The noise of a barking dog, genuine or recorded, is very helpful and will fright most burglars away. Lighting, sound and time would be the three greatest opponents of the burglar.

The following home security tips are very useful;

  1. Move belongings away from outdoors view. Don’t risk alluring somebody. Think about placing little belongings within Diversion Safes.
  2. Start or even link a neighborhood watch. Travelers generally protrude in a neighborhood and should be reported instantly to police.
  3. Make your home look engaged when you’re gone. Criminals are greatly less likely to think a home they feel is engaged.
  4. Lock your own windows and doors even when you are gone for a short period of time. Summer season presents a massive enticement to depart doors or windows unlock. No need to give in to the enticement.

Numerous law enforcement sections as a public service will offer you suggestions on how to build your house more protected. Call for accessibility in your town.

Crime Statistics May Factor Into Your Decision

Speaking of crime statistics, the Federal Bureau of Investigation put out its most recent statistics for 2014 which show that property crimes have dropped by over 1,000,000 incidents since 2012. While this may sound like good news, the other half of the equation is that there are still nearly 8.5 million property crimes committed each year.

When you think about it, there are roughly 7 million people in the country, meaning you have a very good chance of becoming a victim of a burglary, break-in or home invasion anywhere in the country.

Working with a Dealer or the Brand Itself?

Another consideration when seeking out the best home security system is whether it’s better to work with a dealer or reseller versus dealing directly with the brand. Many large home security companies depend on dealers and resellers to make a profit. Essentially, the reseller obtains the right to use the brand’s name and products in an agreement. The reseller is honestly selling the brand’s products and services, but he or she is not directly tied to the brand itself.

The other way to purchase home security systems is to approach the brand directly. This would mean contacting the company via phone or a website. In this scenario, you’re dealing with actual company representatives instead of someone who may be affiliated with several different home security providers.

Which method is best? It really depends. Working with the brand itself means that you’re assured to get quality customer service from knowledgeable experts who only focus on one brand’s products. Of course, this isn’t to say that a dealer won’t be able to deliver the same level of customer service and knowledge, but again, many dealers offer several types of products from various home security companies.

On the flip side, local dealers may know the area better, thereby being able to provide more comprehensive solutions to customers. This is something that most home security providers won’t be able to provide over the phone, especially if they are located across the country or across the world. Returns may also be easier when working with a local provider as a return will not require shipping a piece of equipment back and then waiting for a replacement. To learn more about the benefits of working with local home security companies, click here.

Top 20 National Security System Comparison by Security Fox

ADT Home Security Systems
ADT Security Fox Review Security System, Security Monitoring
Alarm Force Security Systems
Alarm Force Security Fox Review Home Security, Business Security, Cameras, Automation, Medical Alerts
Alarm Relay Security Systems
Alarm Relay Security Fox Review Security Systems, Monitoring Services, Business Systems, Alarms
Atronic Alarms
Atronic Alarms Security Fox Review Home and Residential Security, Business and Commercial Security
Canary Security
Canary Security Fox Review Smart Home Security, Monitoring, Video, Audio, Motion Detection
Frontpoint Security
Frontpoint Security Fox Review Home Security Systems, Alarm Controls and Sensors, Cameras, Home Automation
Guardian Protection Services
Guardian Security Fox Review Home Security, Business Security
Honeywell Security
Honeywell Security Fox Review Security Management Systems, Wireless Products, Video Surveillance, Cameras, PTZs, Access Control, Safety Sensors
Iris Home Security
Iris Security Fox Review Home Protection and Security, Cameras and Sensors, Home Automation – Heating, Cooling, Doors, Locks, Lights, Outlets
LifeSHIELD Security
LifeSHIELD Security Fox Review Home Monitoring, Home Automation – Cameras, Door and Garage Control, Energy Management
LiveWatch Security
LiveWatch Security Fox Review Wireless Security System, Smartphone control, Home Monitoring, Alarms
Monitronics Security
Monitronics Security Fox Review Home Security, Alarm Monitoring, Fire/Carbon Monoxide Alerts, Medical Alerts, Home Automation, Video Surveillance, Energy Efficiency Management
Nest Security
Nest Security Fox Review Security Camera System, Thermostats, Smoke & Carbon Monoxide Alarms
Piper Security
Piper Security Fox Review Wireless Security System, Video Monitoring, Automation, Smartphone or tablet compatible
Protect America Security
Protect America Security Fox Review Alarm Systems, Home Automation, Smoke Detection, Carbon Monoxide Detection, Medical Alerts, Driveway Sensors, GPS trackers
Protection 1 Security Solutions
Protection 1 Security Fox Review Home Security, Wireless Security, Video Surveillance, Storm Safety, Home Automation, Energy Management
Scout Security
Scout Security Fox Review Home Security, Pro Monitoring Services, 24/7 monitoring, Smartphone-enabled, Alerts, Wireless Security
SimpliSafe Security Systems
SimpliSafe Security Fox Review Wireless Home Security, Monitoring Services
Vivint Security
Vivint Security Fox Review Home Security, 24×7 monitoring, Alarm Systems, Smoke Detection, Motion Detection
Xfinity Security
Xfinity Security Fox Review Security system, 24/7 professional monitoring, Thermostat control, Alerts and Video Monitoring

Home Security Company Descriptions and Plans

ADT provides 24-hour monitoring services to provide property owners safety against poisoning through carbon monoxide, invasion, surging, or even fireplace. They also provide numerous choices in movie monitoring which assist you to keep track of your house.
+View Plans
Alarm Force
Although Alarm Force is not the most inclusive system, it is unique and supplies security that is effective and very reasonable. In addition you will find movement devices window and door sensors, and video relays for the entry that can assist to secure the home.
+View Plans
Frontpoint Security
All techniques from Frontpoint tend to be cellular, producing the actual set up easy and simple because it doesn’t need any hardware linking. It’s a simple self-installation that’s very economical. These types of techniques may safeguard houses through an array of risks.
+View Plans
Honeywell Security
Honeywell is an electronics company that has been around for a while, and they have dozens of different alarm solutions. They tend to be more commercial or business oriented rather than residential, but they do have residential solutions as well.
+View Plans
LifeSHIELD Security
This company has fixed its own position in this corner of the market. They provide security systems which are affordable. Life Shield doesn’t make use of well-liked companies; they’ve their very own type of security products.
+View Plans
LiveWatch Security
LiveWatch is a wireless security system with no long term contracts. It can be controlled by your smartphone, and they pride themselves on being one of the fastest alarm reporting systems in the nation.
+View Plans
Monitronics Security
The actual Monitronics security alarm techniques provided by the corporation include the conventional choices. They are; checking more than twenty-four hour intervals, intercoms along with two-way cable connections, as well as cellular products.
+View Plans
Protect America Security
All the equipment of Protect America have a life time guarantee and no advance is absolutely needed to purchase it. This protection system faces floods, fires and theft. It can be disarmed from an isolated location because of house automation services.
+View Plans
Protection 1 Security Solutions
This particular nationwide home security system provides security alarm safety with regard to commercial, home, as well as multi-family homes. Their main focus actually depends upon cellular options. They set up techniques which make use of mobile systems and never conventional telephone outlines.
+View Plans
Vivint Security
Vivint’s SmartHome solutions is a simple, plug-and-play installation and includes smart security and controls, all compatible with your smartphone. It also includes wireless technology, 24/7 monitoring, and motion detection.
+View Plans

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